About HaveLogo

HaveLogo.com is a logo design trading platform. The main content of the website is to buy and sell logo design works.

Our vision is:

1: Help those who want logos to find their ideal logos
2: Let the logo designer get a satisfactory return
3: Build China's largest logo design appreciation and trading platform

Our positioning:
HaveLogo serves institutions, enterprises, and individuals with logo needs to provide you with logo solutions. HaveLogo's differentiated competitive strategy such as "many-to-one service, simple and convenient and cultural and creative market" has opened up a brand-new model of China's cultural and creative "non-physical products" trading, so that you are not limited to a designer, but an idea. Choose the logo you want.

So far, we have achieved satisfactory results. Designers have submitted more than 50,000 logo designs, more than 5,000 active designers, and the transaction volume has reached more than 1 million RMB. I hope to make great achievements and make persistent efforts.